Monday, August 29, 2011

Txt2day Helps Out During Hurricane Irene

This site/your service is GREAT. Got hit by Hurricane Irene, and discovered I left my cell phone power cord elsewhere (when I got home from evading the worst of storm).Discovered my cheap home phone is fried, and knew I needed to text a few people who do not man their computers second by second. Love that this exists!
I tried to use Yahoo, but I couldn't, since I don't know how, and though it says "test message" on the mail site, one has to sign out to get chat, and then magically get back to mail. OY, Anyway- thanks thanks thanks! I am telling everyone about you!


What is Textaphrenia?

It seems to be quite normal for teenagers to keep checking their cell phones for text messages but very few of them are aware that this normal habit has turned into an addiction known as Textaphrenia.