Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cure Thumbitis by Texting Online

Website helps prevent red blistery thumbs by letting users text online.

January 30, 2009 - announces the end of thumbitis with their new computer to text message service. Using the free service, users can send a text message to almost any cell phone provider at no cost.

With the text messaging craze sweeping the nation many teens are reporting sore, red, blistery thumbs from over texting. This condition, known as thumbitis, can last for several days if the texting persists. aims to end thumbitis for good.

First reported in the early 1980's thumbitis has also gone by the name of "nintendo thumb." Since thumbs weren't intended for such frequent use, they can easily become irritated from too much texting or video game playing. aims to cure thumbitis for good by allowing free text messaging. "There's no reason anybody should have to pay to send a text message," said founder Ryan Jones, "and there's no reason their thumbs should have to suffer either." is owned by - a company aimed at freeing the text message. Freetext offers many other text message related services as well.



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Tushar Kapila said...
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