Monday, November 3, 2008

Sleeping Beauty -- Texting Edition

In a faraway land, a few years ago, King Stephane of New Zealand and his fair queen wished for a little girl. A year later their wish came true. They named the girl Aurora.

In honour of the birth of the princess, the king had a big party. He invited many friends to the castle. His friend King Hubert of France, brought his son, Philippe with him. Both kings agreed that one day the two children would be married.

There were many guests at the party. All of them were there to see the precious princess Aurora. Three of them were good fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. The all decided to give magical gifts to the princess.

Flora chanted, "I will wave my wand and make her a forever hottie."

"I will make her popular with her friends", said Fauna.

Merryweather's turn was next. But before she could speak, the castle doors flew open. A loud thundering noise was heard. The evil witch Maleficent appeared. She barged in and screamed "You will pay for not inviting me to the party!"She pointed to the newborn baby princess and proclaimed, "she shall die by the end of daylight on her sixteenth birthday from a prick on her finger from texting too much." With this evil spell the witch vanished.

Everyone in the room was afraid for Aurora.But Merryweather was very sly. She still had a gift to give. She tried to undo the evil spell from Maleficent. She waved her wand at the baby princess and said:

"If through the witch's trick,
Your texting finger you shall prick,
Not in death, but just in sleep,
This fateful prophecy you'll keep,
And from this ordeal you shall wake,
And there will be no mistake,
Your magic prince will bring you to life,
With a mobile text asking you to be his wife.

King Stephane was afraid for his daughter and ordered every mobile device to be destroyed. But he still feared that Maleficent would harm his daughter. The fairies told the king that they would hide her in a condo in Australia until the spell of her sixteenth birthday passed. The king and queen were sad to let their daughter go. But they both agreed that she would be safer with the fairies in Australia.

The fairies disguised Aurora to protect her identity. They called her Briar Rose. Over the years the little girl grew into a beautiful young woman. At last it was her sixteenth birthday. The fairies wanted to plan a surprise party. They sent Briar Rose to pick out a gift for herself at Future Shop. Fauna baked a chocolate cake and the other two fairies sewed her a new dress.

At the mall, Briar Rose chatted with her friends. She gossiped about a dream she had texting a mystery stranger that she would later fall in love.

A handsome young man came walking down the isle. When he saw Briar Rose chatting with her friends he jumped into a store and peeked out the glass window over women's clothing. Then he reached into his pocket to text her. But alas, he did not know her number. He did not even know if she had a mobile device.

He took a deep breath and decided to walk over to her. He said, "I don't mean to be weird but have we not met before?"

Briar Rose was excited to see this handsome man. He was just like the man in her dream that she was talking to her friends about. She did not know that he was Prince Philippe of France and he did not know that she was Princess Aurora. They had been promised to marriage by their parents years before.

Back at the condo, the fairies gave Briar Rose her birthday surprise. It was a Blackberry. Then Briar Rose told them that she had fallen in love. "Impossible!" they cried. They told her the truth at last-that she was a royal princess, promised at birth to be married to a prince. Now it was time for her to return home. Maleficent's raven was perched on the window of the condo and heard everything.

The bird flew away to warn Maleficent that the princess was finally coming home to New Zealand. Maleficent had an evil plan. She decided to use her magic to rig Aurora's Blackberry. The raven would steal the Blackberry and then they would hatch their evil plan. Maleficent rushed to the castle and waited for Aurora to arrive home. She lured Aurora to the high tower by telling her that she had found her Blackberry.

In a tiny room at the high tower she slammed the door shut behind them. She told Aurora to use the Blackberry for her first time. "Touch the Blackberry!" hissed Maleficent. "Touch it, I say! I will show you how to text your love."The three good fairies rushed to the rescue, but they were too late. Aurora had touched the number 7 key on the Blackberry and instantly fallen into a deep sleep. Maleficent's curse-softened by Merryweather-had come true. Now, with a harsh laugh, the witch vanished.

The fairies cried, "Poor King Stephane and the queen." "They'll be heartbroken when they find out," said Merryweather. "They're not going to," said Flora. "We'll put then all to sleep until the princess wakes up." So the fairies waved their magic wands and put the whole town to sleep.

At the same time, the witch had captured Philippe and jailed him in her dungeon. She told him that Aurora was " in the topmost tower of King Stephane's castle." The witch told him that there was no way for Aurora to wake up from her magic spell unless she received a text message from her true love. She laughed and flew out on her broom.

When the witch was gone, the fairies suddenly appeared and handed Philippe an IPhone. They shouted, "hurry text her your true feelings!". Lying by Aurora's bed was the Blackberry that the wicked witch had lured her with. Philippe frantically started texting his love for Aurora. The Blackberry rang and rang but she could not hear from her deep sleep. Philippe kept texting different messages until he typed "I luv U my Aurora!" Then she awoke from her sleep and text him back "I luv you 2".The good fairies woke up everyone in the village. It all ended exactly the way it should-happily ever after.

Courtesy of a visitor.

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