Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Text Messaging Results in Marriage

You must have heard of quite a few things that you can do with your mobile phone, including keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, taking snapshots of things that interest you, listening to your favorite music or browsing the web. But a person has found a use for a phone that kind of beats it all.

A British man has proved that a mobile phone can be useful if you want to get married as well. Apparently, 24-year old David Brown woke up one morning with a cell phone number running through his head. After some thought, he decided to send a text message to the number, saying "Did I meet you last night?". While confused upon receiving the message, the "owner" of the number decided to reply.

"It was really weird but I was absolutely hooked," Michelle Kitson told the Daily Mail newspaper. "My mum and dad kept saying 'But he could be an axe murderer', but I knew there was something special about it." After exchanging messages several times, with one thing leading to another, the two people eventually met and fell in love. Moreover, they even ended up married, going to Goa for their honeymoon.

So here's how one single, random text message can lead you to marriage. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can now think of a phone number, send a text and get married. But it's quite interesting how a mobile phone can in fact become a matchmaking tool in some cases. So, next time you get a random message, you might even want to consider replying, just out of curiosity

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