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Send SMS Jokes from Facebook using Txt2day

Enjoy over 10000 funny, silly and outright foolish jokes. Every time you visit the application you will be offered a new nugget of joy! If you are really addicted, you can click the "new joke" option for more laughs or groans!

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Internet Explorer 8+ Accelerator for Free Text Messaging Using txt2day!

Tired of cutting and pasting information from a document, website or application into txt2day? Now there's a better way with the "Text Message with txt2day Accelerator!" Now you can simply select some text and then click on the blue Accelerators icon. For example, you may want to text a friend directions to the location of a pizza place featured on a webpage. In the past, you would need to copy the address from the webpage, navigate to txt2day, and paste in the address. With the "Text Message via txt2day" using IE 8+ Accelerator, you can automatically place the text into the txt2day website message box! Accuracy with ease!.

Now you can visit our SMS flirts and jokes site and simply highlight and right click to use the Text Message via txt2day" using IE 8+ Accelerator. Send the latest news headline, twitter or facebook status update or a great nugget from wikipedia. Just highlight the text, right click and send the text using txt2day! No more typing! Send text today!

Text Message via txt2day requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ to function.

More new SMS Providers!

txt2day is now offering free text messaging to many new destinations including Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, South Africa, Nepal, Singapore and many more countries.

Many of the providers are listed in our beta zone for your testing and texting pleasure!

Please let us know if they work for you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

PC Mobile and Koodo now available on

Our Canadian providers site now offers support for PC Mobile and Koodo.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SMS Text Messaging Most Popular Form of Instant Communication

Short Message Service (SMS) or more commonly text messaging has become a global phenomenon. In technical terms, a short message of 160 characters or fewer (including spaces) can be sent from or delivered to an enabled mobile phone. The service is typically available on most personal mobile devices that are equipped with wireless telecommunications.

An SMS is typically delivered within seconds but can depend upon the gateway, network traffic and the receiving party's availability. In recent years, SMS has become a phenomenon especially among young people. SMS is popular because it is an effective way of communicating directly to the intended recipient as close to real time as possible.

SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application on the planet, with 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers sending and receiving text messages on their phones.
The most common method of SMS communication is person-to-person, but text messages can also be used for interacting with automated systems. Typical examples include automated downloads of mobile services, polls or participating in contests.

Sending text messages is a cost effective and efficient way of communicating with friends. A cell phone is not mandatory for texting. There are some internet websites that allow users to send text messages free of charge to the sender. These services are often supported by advertisers or donations.

One such site is which is a popular internet website supported by advertising. The site offers free text messaging to countries around the world including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Japan and many more. Many internet sites have sprung up that specialize in various popular texting interest including jokes, flirts and text reminders.

(c) txt2day

Sunday, November 30, 2008

txt2day now integrated with Jokes, Flirts and Riddles Site

txt2day is proud to announce that now you can send premade clever, mature, immature, funny, silly, foolish or a little dirty text messages to your friends.

Simply visit and pick you your favourite saying, joke, flirt or other candidate for a free text message. Select the option "Send Text via txt2day" and you will magically be ready to send a preconfigured joke! Wow!

Check out the Christmas Jokes, SMS Flirts, Cow Jokes and many other categories.

Remember, you are under the same terms of use agreement. Do not abuse the free text messaging service.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

txt2day Resolves Issue with Internet Explorer 6 and Windows 2000

Some visitors were not getting a full view of the main window. The issue has been resolved.

txt2day is now running properly for those users.

Monday, November 24, 2008

txt2day Adds Support for India, Japan and more

txt2day is now trialing a number of new destinations in its beta zone. txt2day is a completely free text messaging service for the world. We have now added India, Japan and many Caribbean countries for you to try.

Remember, not all will work for you. Some providers require activation of email to text service as well.

Try it out here:

Friday, November 21, 2008

txt2day Introduces Text Messaging to Dozens of International Providers *BETA* announced today a new text2day Beta Zone for a large number of international providers. The site is still beta and looking for visitor feedback. Visitors can test mobile SMS providers from around the world including Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Sweden, Lebanon and countless others.

Check out the new Beta Zone:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

txt2day Adds Compatibility With More Providers

txt2day is happy to announce that Net10, Centennial Wireless and US Cellular have been added to our list of providers our users can select for free text messaging.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SMS Text Slang

Here is a condensed terms dictionary of SMS texting words and symbols:

2DAY -today
2MORO -tomorrow
2NITE -to night
AAM -as a matter of fact
AB -ah bless!
ADctd2Luv -addicted to love
AFAIC -as far as i know
AKA -also known as
ALIWanIsU - all i want is you
ALOrO -all or nothing
AML -as soon as possilbe
ATB -all the best
B4 -before
BaBitsU -baby it's you
BBFN -bye bye for now
BBSD -be back soon darling
BCNU -be seeing you
BdBy -bad boy
BF -boy friend
BFN -bye for now
BGWM -be gentle with me (please)
BRB -be right back
BTW -by the way
BYKT -but you knew that
Cld9? -cloud 9?
CMIIW -correct me if i'm wrong
CSThnknAU -can't stop thinking about you
CU -see you
CUIMD -see you in my dreams
CUL8R -see you later
CYA -see ya
D8 -date
DLTBBB -don't let the bed bugs bit
4EVRYRS -for ever yours
EOL -end of lecture
F2T -free to talk
FITB -fill in the blank
FWIW -for what it's worth
FYEO -for your eyes only
FYI -for your information
GAO -glad all over
GF -girl friend
GG -good game
GMeSumLuvin -gimme some lovin'
GMTA -great minda think alike
Gr8 -great
GrOvyBab -groovy baby
GrwOldWivMe -grow old with me
GSOH -good salary, own home
GSOH -good sense of humour
GTSY -glad to see you
H8 -hate
HAGN -have a good night
HAND -have a nice day
HITULThtILuvU? -have i told you lately that i love you?
HidMeClse -hold me close
Hot4U -hot for you
HTH -hope this helps
H&K -hug and kiss
IAC -in any case
ICLW\YLuv -I can't live without your love
IDK -I don't know
IDntDsrveU -I don't deserve you
IGotUBbe -I got you babe
IIRC -if I recall correctly
IJC2SalLuvU -I just called to say I love you
ILUVU -I love you
IMBLuv -it must be love
IMHO -in my humble opinion
IMNSHO -in my not so humble opinion
ImRdy4Luv -I'm ready for love
ImT14U -I'm the one for you
IOW -in other words
IOWAN2BWU -I only want to be with you
IYKWIN -If you know what i mean
IYSS -if you say so
JM2p -just my two pennyworth
JstCLMe -just call me
KIT -keep in touch
KOTC -kiss on the cheek
KOTL -kiss on the lips
L8 -late
L8R -later
LETA -letter
LOL -laugh out loud
LMAO -laughing my ass off
LstinU -lost in you
LTNC -long time no see
LtsGt2gthr -let's get together
LuvU -love you
Luv2LuvUBab -love to love you baby
LuvisTDrug -love is the drug
LuvMeLuvMyDog -love me, love my dog
M$ULkeCraZ -miss you like crazy
MBURBMJ -my but you're beautiful Miss Jones
MGB -may god bless
MkeMyDaSa+! -make my day, say yes
MMDP -make my day punk!
Mob -mobile
MYOB -mind your own business
NE -any
NE1 -anyone
NO1 -no-one
MO -moment
OIC -oh, I see
OTOH -on the other hand
PCM -please call me
PLS -please
PPL -people
QT -cutie
R -are
ResQMe -rescue me
RMB -ring my bell
RmbaYaMne -remember you're mine
ROTFL -roll on the floor laughing
RU? -are you?
RUOK? -are you okay (ok)
Salt&ILDoIT -say it & I'll do it
SETE -Smiling ear to ear
SIT -stay in touch
SITD -still in the dark
SO -significant other
SOH -sense of humour
SOHF -sense of humour failure
SOME1 -someone
SRy -sorry
StckOnU -stuck on you
StndByYaMan -stand by your man
SvnALMyLuv4U -saving all my love for you
SWALK -sent with a loving kiss
SWG -scientific wild guess
SYS -see you soon
2Hot2Hndle -to hot to handle
TDTU -totally devoted to you
THNQ -thank you
Thx -thanks
Ti2GO -time to go
TIC -tongue in cheek :-p
TkeAChnceOnMe? -take a chance on me?
TLMeImDrmn -tell me I'm dreaming
TMIY -take me I'm yours
TPTB -the powers that be
TTFN -ta ta for now
TTYL8R -talk to you later
TWIMC -to whom it may concern
U -you
UCnDoMgic -you can do magic
UdoSumthn2Me -you do something to me
UR -you are
U+Me=Luv -you + me = love
WAN2 -want to
WAN2TLK? -want to talk
WenCnICUAgn? -when can I see you again?
WER R U? -where are you?
WLUMRyMe? -will you marry me?
WRT -with respect to
WTTW -word to the wise
WUWH -wish you were here
X -kiss
XLNT -excellent
Xoxoxoxo -hugs and kisses
Xclusvly Yas -exclusively yours
Y? -why?
YBS -you'll be sorry

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to bypass texting charges with IPhone G3 using txt2day

Random Text Messaging Results in Marriage

You must have heard of quite a few things that you can do with your mobile phone, including keeping in touch with friends and loved ones, taking snapshots of things that interest you, listening to your favorite music or browsing the web. But a person has found a use for a phone that kind of beats it all.

A British man has proved that a mobile phone can be useful if you want to get married as well. Apparently, 24-year old David Brown woke up one morning with a cell phone number running through his head. After some thought, he decided to send a text message to the number, saying "Did I meet you last night?". While confused upon receiving the message, the "owner" of the number decided to reply.

"It was really weird but I was absolutely hooked," Michelle Kitson told the Daily Mail newspaper. "My mum and dad kept saying 'But he could be an axe murderer', but I knew there was something special about it." After exchanging messages several times, with one thing leading to another, the two people eventually met and fell in love. Moreover, they even ended up married, going to Goa for their honeymoon.

So here's how one single, random text message can lead you to marriage. Of course, this doesn't mean that you can now think of a phone number, send a text and get married. But it's quite interesting how a mobile phone can in fact become a matchmaking tool in some cases. So, next time you get a random message, you might even want to consider replying, just out of curiosity

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sleeping Beauty -- Texting Edition

In a faraway land, a few years ago, King Stephane of New Zealand and his fair queen wished for a little girl. A year later their wish came true. They named the girl Aurora.

In honour of the birth of the princess, the king had a big party. He invited many friends to the castle. His friend King Hubert of France, brought his son, Philippe with him. Both kings agreed that one day the two children would be married.

There were many guests at the party. All of them were there to see the precious princess Aurora. Three of them were good fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. The all decided to give magical gifts to the princess.

Flora chanted, "I will wave my wand and make her a forever hottie."

"I will make her popular with her friends", said Fauna.

Merryweather's turn was next. But before she could speak, the castle doors flew open. A loud thundering noise was heard. The evil witch Maleficent appeared. She barged in and screamed "You will pay for not inviting me to the party!"She pointed to the newborn baby princess and proclaimed, "she shall die by the end of daylight on her sixteenth birthday from a prick on her finger from texting too much." With this evil spell the witch vanished.

Everyone in the room was afraid for Aurora.But Merryweather was very sly. She still had a gift to give. She tried to undo the evil spell from Maleficent. She waved her wand at the baby princess and said:

"If through the witch's trick,
Your texting finger you shall prick,
Not in death, but just in sleep,
This fateful prophecy you'll keep,
And from this ordeal you shall wake,
And there will be no mistake,
Your magic prince will bring you to life,
With a mobile text asking you to be his wife.

King Stephane was afraid for his daughter and ordered every mobile device to be destroyed. But he still feared that Maleficent would harm his daughter. The fairies told the king that they would hide her in a condo in Australia until the spell of her sixteenth birthday passed. The king and queen were sad to let their daughter go. But they both agreed that she would be safer with the fairies in Australia.

The fairies disguised Aurora to protect her identity. They called her Briar Rose. Over the years the little girl grew into a beautiful young woman. At last it was her sixteenth birthday. The fairies wanted to plan a surprise party. They sent Briar Rose to pick out a gift for herself at Future Shop. Fauna baked a chocolate cake and the other two fairies sewed her a new dress.

At the mall, Briar Rose chatted with her friends. She gossiped about a dream she had texting a mystery stranger that she would later fall in love.

A handsome young man came walking down the isle. When he saw Briar Rose chatting with her friends he jumped into a store and peeked out the glass window over women's clothing. Then he reached into his pocket to text her. But alas, he did not know her number. He did not even know if she had a mobile device.

He took a deep breath and decided to walk over to her. He said, "I don't mean to be weird but have we not met before?"

Briar Rose was excited to see this handsome man. He was just like the man in her dream that she was talking to her friends about. She did not know that he was Prince Philippe of France and he did not know that she was Princess Aurora. They had been promised to marriage by their parents years before.

Back at the condo, the fairies gave Briar Rose her birthday surprise. It was a Blackberry. Then Briar Rose told them that she had fallen in love. "Impossible!" they cried. They told her the truth at last-that she was a royal princess, promised at birth to be married to a prince. Now it was time for her to return home. Maleficent's raven was perched on the window of the condo and heard everything.

The bird flew away to warn Maleficent that the princess was finally coming home to New Zealand. Maleficent had an evil plan. She decided to use her magic to rig Aurora's Blackberry. The raven would steal the Blackberry and then they would hatch their evil plan. Maleficent rushed to the castle and waited for Aurora to arrive home. She lured Aurora to the high tower by telling her that she had found her Blackberry.

In a tiny room at the high tower she slammed the door shut behind them. She told Aurora to use the Blackberry for her first time. "Touch the Blackberry!" hissed Maleficent. "Touch it, I say! I will show you how to text your love."The three good fairies rushed to the rescue, but they were too late. Aurora had touched the number 7 key on the Blackberry and instantly fallen into a deep sleep. Maleficent's curse-softened by Merryweather-had come true. Now, with a harsh laugh, the witch vanished.

The fairies cried, "Poor King Stephane and the queen." "They'll be heartbroken when they find out," said Merryweather. "They're not going to," said Flora. "We'll put then all to sleep until the princess wakes up." So the fairies waved their magic wands and put the whole town to sleep.

At the same time, the witch had captured Philippe and jailed him in her dungeon. She told him that Aurora was " in the topmost tower of King Stephane's castle." The witch told him that there was no way for Aurora to wake up from her magic spell unless she received a text message from her true love. She laughed and flew out on her broom.

When the witch was gone, the fairies suddenly appeared and handed Philippe an IPhone. They shouted, "hurry text her your true feelings!". Lying by Aurora's bed was the Blackberry that the wicked witch had lured her with. Philippe frantically started texting his love for Aurora. The Blackberry rang and rang but she could not hear from her deep sleep. Philippe kept texting different messages until he typed "I luv U my Aurora!" Then she awoke from her sleep and text him back "I luv you 2".The good fairies woke up everyone in the village. It all ended exactly the way it should-happily ever after.

Courtesy of a visitor.

Text Messaging for Free

Communication is the essential key that shrinks our world and brings people together. Since its invention, the telephone has historically been the centerpiece of communication. People can communicate in real time without physically traveling for face-to-face meetings.

As communication technology has grown, new means of communication are being adopted in every enterprise. Today communication can be achieved using a broad range of facilities including voice, video and text/data communication through fixed and wireless devices.

In recent years, Short Messaging Services (SMS) has become a phenomenon especially among young people. SMS allows for short text messages to be sent from one mobile device to another mobile device.

SMS text messaging is the most widely used data application on the planet, with 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers sending and receiving text messages on their phones. Text messages cannot exceed 160 characters including spaces. Some wireless devices have full keyboards for faster texting whereas others require numbers to be tapped multiple times to achieve a particular letter. Most teens quickly master the cumbersome keyboards and adapt quickly to rapid texting. SMS is popular among teens to socialize, send jokes, flirts and reminders.

The most common application of the service is person-to-person messaging, but text messages are also often used to interact with automated systems, such as ordering products and services for mobile phones, or participating in contests. There are some services available on the Internet that allow users to send text messages free of direct charge to the sender. There are many email to text websites including most of the mobile service providers. All follow the same principle of giving free texting to the sender.

Since its inception in 2005, has been the largest free text service on the Internet, allowing anybody to send free text messages from their computer to a phone. Txt2day is ideal for users over their message limit, those stuck without a phone, or people who hate typing on tiny keyboards. For more information visit